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Do you require a reliable raised floor service in Dubai? You’re at the correct place. Because we know how important it is to safely and securely incorporate mechanical services. Hence, in the UAE we provide our flooring service for offices, computer server rooms and many other spaces. 

Whether the raised flooring serves as the perfectly structured floor which sits above the solid ground. Besides it offers a concealed route for the regular processes. In the united arab emirates, raised floors have been widely evidenced by the manner, especially in Dubai. It can be installed at varying heights depending primarily on the specific requirements. 

Keep reading and learning more about raise floor service and the supplier. 

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What is a Raised Floor System?

A raised floor system is essentially a fancy type of flooring that is supported by movable supports and is comprised of removable panels. A plenum, or gap left behind, is where you may place various items including wires, cables, pipes, and ducts.

This approach offers a ton of benefits:

  1. Improved airflow keeps everyone and the equipment cool.
  2. It is very adaptable and simple to modify for future changes.
  3. The security of your equipment and data.
  4. Less vibration and noise to cope with.
  5. Easy accessibility and upkeep.
  6. In addition, it looks rather nice.

Benefits of Raised Floor Service


  1. Better Cooling & Airflow:
  • Delivering cold air where it is required will keep areas comfortable.
  • Utilize clever airflow control to reduce cooling expenses.
  1. Flexibility in Power & Data:
  • Control the increase in data and electricity usage.
  • Get rid of unattractive cables and make access simple.
  1. Increased Safety & Security:
  • Protect wires and equipment by using a shield.
  • Protect yourself from fire, manipulation, and interference.
  1. Effectiveness of Space and Aesthetics:
  • Increase floor space without using heavy ductwork.
  • Select fashionable flooring that complements your style.
  • Adapt the floor height to your preferences.

What are the Types of Raised Floor Systems?


There are several raised floor systems available, and they differ in terms of their construction, layout, and intended application. Let’s examine a few prevalent types:

  1. Tiles with raised edges: 

These panels, which come in a variety of materials including ceramic, wood, steel, and more, are highly popular. They are simple to put in, take out, and replace. They come in a variety of forms, sizes, colours, and finishes.

  1. Concrete raised floors: 

These panels are made of steel or aluminium with a concrete core. They are very sturdy, fire-resistant, and long-lasting. They are more expensive and heavier than other choices, though.

  1. Raised access flooring: 

This kind is suitable for light to medium weights and has a low profile—typically less than 15 cm. It works well in places like offices, data centres, and control rooms where little height modification and service distribution are required.

raised floor

How to Choose the Right Raised Floor Service Provider?

It’s important to select the best-raised floor service supplier. It could affect how effectively your raised floor system works. What then should you think about?

  1. Reputation & Experience:
  • Choose a service provider who has a solid track record and a lengthy history.
  • Look at their resume and client endorsements.
  • Verify if they hold the appropriate licenses and honours.
  1. Product Quality & Variety:
  • Look for dependable items.
  • Make sure they have a variety to suit your demands.
  • Keep in mind the warranties and guarantees.
  1. Customer Support & Service:
  • Locate a service that offers free consultations.
  • A helpful and competent staff is important.
  • Delivery, installation, maintenance, and repairs must all be completed on schedule.
  • When considering system updates, take flexibility and cost into account.

How Much Does a Raised Floor System Cost?

A raised floor system’s cost can vary depending on several factors, including:

  1. Panel quality and type
  2. Plenum height and size
  3. Installation arrangement and complexity
  4. Accessibility and placement of the site
  5. Costs for labor and supplies

An elevated floor system typically costs $15 to $40 per square foot. Remember that this is only a ballpark figure, and your real costs may vary depending on your unique demands and preferences.

Why Choose Ideal Flooring as Your Raised Floor Supplier in Dubai?


The best provider of raised floor suppliers in Dubai is Ideal Flooring. We have more than ten years of expertise working with customers in a range of industries, including business, industry, education, and healthcare. 

Professional installation, repairs, and maintenance may be handled by our knowledgeable specialists. 

To ensure value for your money, we provide a comprehensive selection of items from reliable manufacturers throughout the globe. Why you ought to pick us is as follows:

  1. Reasonably priced items and easy payment plans.
  2. Free site assessment and consulting.
  3. prompt and efficient service provision.
  4. Quality work and client satisfaction guarantees.
  5. We follow global best practices and standards.

What are the applications of a raised floor system?


Similar to a beautiful floor with movable supports under it, a raised floor system. These pillars are supported by a concrete slab. Wires, pipes, and other items fit well in the area below, which is like a secret treasure box.


  1. Flexibility: Ability to readily rearrange things.
  2. Comfort: Maintains the ideal temperature.
  3. Simple Access: Use the equipment and services below.
  4. Quiet: Put an end to raucous sounds.

Where to use it:

  1. Tech Spaces: Great for IT rooms with cables and cooling.
  2. Open Offices: Customize your workspace.
  3. Meetings: Ideal for presentations and seating.
  4. Exhibits: Show off stuff securely.
  5. Utility Rooms: Keeps service gear accessible.
  6. Clean Rooms: Maintains hygiene standards.

Not for:

  1. Ground-Level Floors: Won’t protect against soil issues.
  2. Wet Areas: Can’t handle water spills.
  3. Kitchens: Too humid and messy.
  4. Labs: Not safe for chemicals.
  5. Fire Escapes: Can trip you up.
  6. Equipment Rooms: Gets damaged by heat and fluids.

Why use a raised floor in a server room?

In server rooms and data centres, raised floors are pretty handy. Here’s why:

  1. Easy Expansion: 

You can tweak your room layout by moving or adding floor tiles. Need more cooling or cables? No problem.

  1. Cooling Efficiency: 

The space beneath the floor spreads cool air through perforated tiles, keeping things from getting too hot and saving on energy bills. Plus, no need for extra walls to manage hot and cold aisles.

  1. Total Flexibility: 

Arrange things as you like. Move tiles to match heat levels, or shift servers around. Accessing cables? A breeze.

  1. Added Protection: 

When it comes to floods, fire, or dust, raised floors offer a bit of security. No tripping over cables, and it looks pro too!

raised flooring service


What is the purpose of false flooring?


False flooring, also called raised flooring or access flooring, is a clever way to make room for cables, pipes, and other building necessities while keeping things neat. It’s not just practical; it also looks good and offers design options.

Here are its key parts:

Pedestals: These support the false floor, making it level. You can adjust them as needed.

Floor panels: Tiles for the false floor, available in various materials and finishes.

Accessories: These tools help set up and maintain the false floor, including panel lifters and airflow panels.

What is raised floor systems cost per square foot?


Raised floor systems leave room between the ground and the floor. They offer cooling and electrical solutions in locations including offices and data centres. Additionally, they provide advantages including flexibility, fire safety, and noise reduction.

Material, size, design, and installation are some of the variables that affect price. Estimated square foot costs are as follows:

  • 7-8 dollars for wood core panels
  • Steel panels with holes: $6 to $9
  • $4–$8 for panels with concrete filling
  • $34 to $42 for aluminum panels
  • Calcareous sulfate panels: $9–$10

Keep in mind that these fees do not include installation. Per square foot, installation costs might be anything from $3 and $18.

How to Contact Us?

If you want to learn more about our raised floor service or have questions, reach out to us anytime. Call us at Tel: +971 2 553 8830; Mob: +971 55 237 3007, email us at info@idealflooring.ae, or visit our website at https://www.idealflooring.ae/. We’re here to help!


What’s the cost of the raised floor service?

The price varies based on project size, product choices, labour, and more. Get a free quote from a trusted provider.

How long does it take for raised floor service?

Project complexity, product efficiency, and installation time influence the duration. Ask your provider for an estimated timeline.

How can I access the plenum space under my raised floor?

Use a special tool from your provider to lift or remove floor panels. Be cautious not to disturb cables or equipment and follow safety rules.

How do I clean and maintain my raised floor?

Keep it dust-free by vacuuming or sweeping regularly. Occasionally, wipe or mop with mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and heavy object impacts.

How can I upgrade my raised floor system?

Contact your provider for improved products like new flooring finishes or cable management solutions. They’ll guide you through the process efficiently.

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