3D Flooring-Epoxy Flooring-Self Levelling

3D Flooring / Epoxy Flooring/ Self Levelling

3D Flooring

The 3D flooring is quite a bold decision for your interior. Instead of being a background, the floor becomes the main detail. Automatically, all furnishing, walls and even lighting become a background for the 3D image.

The wide range of colors and modern technologies allow the creation of unique self-leveling floors with panorama or 3D pictures, created by designers according to your wishes and suitable for any interior.

With 3D flooring you can use your imagination: You can have the sofa in your living room standing on the seaside, dolphins dwelling in your bathroom, a large hemisphere map laid on your company,s office floor, or comical pictures on your nursery floor. Now you have the ability to customize and personalize your house by choosing one of our 3D Pictures or our designers can create any image you can think up to be transferred onto your floors.

RAL 7047

Epoxy Flooring

Floor Coating is available in water and solvent-based variants. Dried flooring has a choice of light and heavy-duty applications. National Guard Epoxy Flooring has good adhesion to both steel and concrete surfaces and shows good water-resistant properties. It can ideally be used for industrial plants and car parking areas. National Aqua Epoxy Flooring is increasingly being used today for its eco-friendly nature and water-based composition (Low VOC).

MApei Ultraplan Eco 20 - 23 KG

MAPEI - Self Levelling

For 85 years Mapei has been proposing
solutions of excellence for the building
industry, the result of consolidated know-how constructed day after day thanks
to constant dialogue with designers,
architects and all those operating in the
Excellence with an Italian spirit, that of
the Squinzi family, today with the third
generation at the company’s helm, and
an international air that has made the
company the leading player in both large
and small-scale sites on every continent.
A goal reached with sustainability at the
very heart of every decision, designing
every product with its entire life cycle
in mind and keeping respect for the
environment and a close, collaborative
relationship with local communities at the
center of everything we do.
A vision that has led to us achieving
important results and paves the way for
our journey into the future.
A story to discover together in this
Company Profile.