What is a hospital handrail?

A hospital handrail is a long grab bar or rail that typically runs along the walls of a hospital, providing patients and visitors with assistance while walking in hallways, stairwells, or other areas. Handrails are available in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic, to provide stability and support for people who need them. Hospital handrails make it easier for individuals to walk through a hospital safely and provide an extra layer of security that can be especially important in high-traffic areas. 

  • Benefits of installing hospital handrails
  • Hospital handrails provide added support and stability for patients and visitors as they navigate hospital areas.
  • Handrails are available in various materials, meaning they can be designed to blend into any hospital décor style.
  • Handrails help reduce the risks of falls in stairwells and other high-traffic areas of hospitals.
  • Installing hospital handrails adds an extra layer of security in potentially hazardous locations.
  • Hospital handrails provide peace of mind to patients and visitors, making them feel safer while traversing a hospital environment.

What is a corner guard?

A corner guard is a protective device that is used to protect walls and corners from damage caused by impacts, scratches, and wear and tear. They are typically made from either rubber or plastic and come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Corner guards can be installed on interior and exterior walls of buildings, in hallways, stairwells, or any area where carts, furniture, or other objects may frequently move. Corner guards provide an additional layer of protection against potential damage in high-traffic areas.

The benefits of installing corner guards

  • Corner guards provide an extra layer of protection to walls and corners from damage caused by scratches, impacts, and wear and tear.
  • Corner guards are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes, allowing them to blend in with any décor style.
  • Installing corner guards helps reduce the need for costly repairs due to damaged walls or corners.
  • Corner guards can be installed indoors or outdoors, making them versatile for various environments.
  • Corner guards provide peace of mind that walls and corners will remain safe from potential harm in high-traffic areas.

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What types of materials are used for hospital handrails and corner guards?

Handrails and corner guards typically come in two primary materials – rubber or plastic. Both these materials are durable, easy to install, and capable of withstanding regular wear and tear.

Are there any safety standards that need to be met when it comes to installing handrails or corner guards?

Yes. All our products meet industry safety standards, so you can be assured that the highest quality is provided when choosing us as your supplier.

What is the best way to install handrails or corner guards?

Our experienced team can provide expert advice on the best installation method for your particular needs. As leading corner guard and handrail suppliers, we also offer installation services, guaranteeing that all products are securely fitted.

What is the average lifespan of a handrail or corner guard?

The expected lifespan of handrails and corner guards varies depending on the material used and the environment in which they are installed. Generally, you can expect them to last for several years with proper care and maintenance.

DC 140


DC 101,140,150,200 Wall protection system 150 mm width 30 mm depth is continuously curved wall protection band is installed to the wall by using a continuous aluminum retainer. It absorbs impacts due to lower rubber wick and offers modern solutions with decorative end caps and accessories. Thanks to its superstructure and wide guard area, it is an ideal system for hospitals, shopping centers, public buildings, schools, and areas exposed to heavy human traffic.

With the same color of the decorative finish end parts with vinyl cover is provided. The profile length is 4 meters and is produced in 32 different colors.

WG 100

Wall Guard

WG 100,145,146,150,200 is a wall protection band that is 100mm in width, and 20mm in depth and is mounted against the wall with a continuous aluminum profile. It absorbs the shocks with its bottom rubber insert. It is decorative with its vinyl cover. With the same color of end parts with its vinyl cover, it makes for an excellent system.It is produced in 12 different colors and installed on walls with different fixing elements with an interval of 50-60 cm according to the wall`s materials. The product`s length is 4 meters.

CG 50

Corner Guard

CG 50 is a corner protection system, which can be used in all kinds of structures like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, dormitories, universities, military buildings, and public buildings, which has an aluminum bottom and decorative upper cover that is non-deformable and non-stretchable vinyl. It can be used at a specific height (L:1.20m, L:1.50m) as well as at the floor height. Manufactured in 12 different colors.

HH 01

Entrance Door Mat

Carpet + Carpet Top surface Aluminium body Matting System. It can be used in both frame type and pool type inserted in a specific slot. Pay attention to the pool-type applications.

Depth: 22 mm

Color:Black, Grey, Light Brown