Wooden Flooring in Dubai: Bring Luxury Into Your Space

Do you want wooden flooring to transform your space in Dubai? It’s great to have you here! With Ideal Flooring, you’ll get more than just a surface under your feet.
Let’s Experience the timeless elegance of wooden flooring Dubai today!
Wooden flooring typically consists of solid wood planks or engineered wood. It provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and natural look to interiors. Also, maintaining it is easy and requires minimal effort. The material is also renewable and biodegradable. Lastly, it is cost-effective and can last for a long time.
From classic oak to exotic teak, endless options suit every taste and budget. So, why wait? Give your space a touch of sophistication with wooden flooring in Dubai.

wooden flooring

A Guide to Wood Flooring

Well, wooden floors are a popular choice for those looking to add warmth and character to their space. It is also known as hardwood flooring. Even, it is not just any wood. It’s a solid, engineered wood that’s incredibly stylish and sturdy.
In fact, wooden floors’ natural grain patterns add character to any room. It brings a touch of nature indoors, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. However, In offices, and commercial spaces, it melds seamlessly into any interior design style.
So, if you want your floors to look classy and stand the test of time, wooden flooring is a top choice. Just make sure you pick the right kind and take care of it. Finally, your room will shine.
Essential Features

  • Enhances the space with its natural and timeless look.
  • It can last for many decades.
  • Available in different wood species.
  • Eco-friendly and renewable options available.
  • Generally easy to maintain and clean.
  • Refinishes to look like new and adds value to your property.
  • Provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere in commercial spaces.
  • Reduce noise and echo in a room.
  • Underfloor heating systems work well when installed correctly.

How Is It Made?

Usually, wood flooring tiles are made from trees. First, trees are cut down, and their bark and branches are removed. Then, the logs are sliced into thin, flat pieces called planks. Often, planks are tongue-and-groove fit together using smoothing and shaping.
After that, the wood can be treated with stains or finishes to give it the desired color and protection. For engineered wood flooring, multiple layers of wood are glued together, with a natural wood veneer on top. As a result, humidity changes do not affect its stability.
In contrast, laminate flooring is made of high-density fiberboard with an image of wood grain printed on top. In the end, you’ll have beautiful, durable, and functional floors in your space.

Types Of Wooden Floor

Usually, wooden flooring comes in various types to suit different preferences and needs. There are several types of wooden flooring, including:

  • Solid hardwood flooring:

Solid hardwood flooring is made from a single piece of hardwood, such as oak, maple, cherry, or walnut. With natural color variations and visible wood grain patterns, it provides an authentic wood look.

  • Engineered Wood Flooring:

The construction of engineered wood flooring consists of multiple layers. Infact, the top layer is real hardwood, and the lower layers are plywood. However, due to its structure, it is more stable and less prone to warping.

  • Parquet Flooring:

Typically, a parquet flooring comprises small wooden pieces or tiles arranged in intricate patterns. It creates a unique and elegant look, adding a touch of artistic expression to your floors. Plus, You can choose designs that match your interior style with parquet.

  • Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

Old barns, factories, and warehouses make reclaimed wood look rustic and weathered. A unique flooring option, each plank has its history. Also, it reduces demand for new wood and is environmentally friendly.

  • Laminate Flooring:

A laminate floor is made fiberboard that has a wood grain printed on it. With its wood-like appearance for a lower price, it’s an effective thing. Also, It is easy to clean, resistant to scratches, and low maintenance.

  • Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo grass is the raw material for bamboo flooring. The grass is cut, shredded, and compressed into planks. Therefore, It is available in various styles and colors. Plus, It offers a unique and contemporary appearance.

  • Cork Flooring:

Generally, Cork oak trees produce cork whose bark is used to make flooring. It is a soft and cushioned material that provides a comfortable surface underfoot. Even It has natural insulation properties.

wooden flooring


How To Choose Wood flooring?

Choosing wood flooring is an exciting decision. So, Consider several factors before making a decision:
Type of Wood:
The first thing to think about is the type of wood you want. Oak, maple, cherry, and walnut are popular choices. Each wood species has its unique grain pattern and color, so pick one that matches your style.

  • Cost:

Wooden flooring can vary widely in price. So, set a budget to help narrow down your options.

  • Location:

Consider where you’ll install the flooring. There are better choices than solid hardwood for damp areas like basements.
Think about how much traffic the area will get. For several areas, you’ll want a more durable wood and finish.

  • Installation:

Some types of wooden flooring are easier to install than others. Compared to solid hardwood, laminate and engineered wood are often easier to install.

  • Maintenance:

Different woods have varying maintenance needs. So, consider how much effort you’re willing to put into upkeep.

  • Color and Finish:

The color and finish of the wood can significantly influence the look. A room can feel spacious with lighter woods, while a cozier one with darker woods.

  • Environmental Impact:

Try bamboo or reclaimed wood if you’re eco-conscious. These choices are kinder to the environment.

  • Design Style:

Your style and the interior design of your space matter. Consider how the flooring will fit with your overall design scheme.
Warranties and Guarantees:
Look into the warranties and guarantees offered by manufacturers. It can give you peace of mind about the quality and durability of your wooden floor.
Essential Note: Remember, choosing wooden flooring is a long-term investment. So, balance your style preferences, practical needs, and budget. Finally, it is a decision that can significantly enhance the aesthetics and value of your home.

How to Install?

Essential Tools:

  • Wood Flooring Planks
  • Moisture Barrier or Underlayment
  • Adhesive or Nails
  • Spacers
  • Tape Measure and Pencil
  • Circular Saw or Miter Saw
  • Crowbar or Pry Bar
  • Tapping Block and Pull Bar
  • Hammer or Flooring Nailer
  • Level
  • Safety Gear (Gloves, Eye Protection, Knee Pads)
  • Baseboards or Quarter-Round Molding
  • Adhesive (for Glue-Down Installation)
  • Ruler or Straight Edge

The Process of Installing: 
Step 1: Ensure the subfloor is clean, dry, level, and free of any imperfections. After that, repair any issues, like squeaky spots or unevenness.
Step 2: Install a moisture barrier or underlayment to protect the wood from moisture. Then, create a smooth surface.
Step 3: Let the wood planks acclimate to the room for a few days to adjust to the temperature.
Step 4: Decide on the direction you want the planks to run. Plan for any pattern.
Step 5: Begin in a corner, leaving an expansion gap along the wall. Maintain the gap with spacers. So, nail or glue the first row in place.
Step 6: Follow the recommended installation method or fit the tongue and groove. Besides, stagger the seams to avoid a repetitive pattern. Lastly, to cover the expansion gap, install baseboards or quarter-round molding.
Warning Tips:
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Use the recommended tools and techniques. However, if you need more clarification on anything, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional.

Safety Features For Installing Process:

  •  Gloves, eye protection, and knee pads.
  • Use tools carefully, following instructions.
  • Ensure good ventilation when using adhesives or finishes.
  • Work on a stable surface and use ladders or stairs cautiously.
  • Practice electrical safety with power tools.
  • Keep a basic first aid kit handy.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and consult professionals if uncertai.


How Much Does It Cost To Install Wood Flooring?

Generally, several factors determine the cost of installing parquet flooring dubai. Here are some general cost estimates to give you an idea:

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring:

 On average, the cost for materials and installation can range from $8 to $15 per square foot. In fact, Exotic woods or custom finishes can be more expensive.

  • Engineered Wood Flooring: 

The cost ranges from $6 to $12 per square foot, including materials.

  • Laminate Flooring:

 Laminate is the most budget-friendly option. The installation costs typically between $3 and $7 per square foot.

  • Bamboo and Cork Flooring:

These eco-friendly options can fall in the range of $5 to $12 per square foot, including installation.

  • Additional Costs:

You must pay extra for subfloor preparation. For instance, old flooring removal, custom finishes, and any unique installation requirements.

  • Expenses for labor:

Labor costs can vary by location and the complexity of the installation. On average, professional installation may cost $2 to $5 per square foot.

  • Installation by yourself:

If you have the skills and choose to install it yourself. Although, you can save on labor costs, you must invest in tools and equipment.
To get an accurate estimate for your project, contact local contractors or installers. The wooden flooring dubai price may also vary based on market conditions.

What Service We Offer?

At Ideal Flooring, we make wooden flooring dreams come true. Our experts are here to help you choose the perfect wood type and design. Also, we will install everything with precision commercial space.
Therefore, if you are looking for something unique, we can create custom designs. Besides installation, we also provide guidance on maintaining your wooden floors.
Plus, we only use high-quality materials and finishes to ensure your satisfaction. Let’s make your wooden flooring journey a smooth and satisfying one.
As a final look at our service, we have the following:

  • Our experts assist you in choosing the right wood, finish, and design.
  • Our installation process ensures precision and a seamless finish.
  • For unique wooden flooring designs, we can help.
  • We provide advice on how to maintain and care for wooden floors.
  • We source and provide high-quality wood materials and finishes.
  • Throughout the process, our supportive team will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How To Clean a Wooden Floor?

Cleaning wood floors is essential to maintain their appearance and longevity. Here’s how to clean wood floors effectively:
What Materials You’ll Need:

  • Soft broom or vacuum with a floor brush attachment
  • Damp mop
  • Wood floor cleaner
  • Microfiber or soft mop
  • Clean, dry cloth or towel

Cleaning Process: 

  • Daily or as needed to remove dust and dirt.
  • Dampen with a wood floor cleaner, avoiding excess water.
  • Work in small sections to prevent excess moisture.
  • Immediately dry the mopped area with a cloth or towel.
  • Continue for the entire floor; spot clean stubborn stains.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, ammonia, or vinegar.
  • Use a manufacturer-recommended wood floor cleaner periodically.
  • Use felt or rubber pads under furniture legs and area rugs in high-traffic areas.

Maintenance Tips For Wood Flooring Dubai

Proper maintenance will keep your wooden flooring looking beautiful for years to come. Here are some maintenance tips to follow:

  • Regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dust and dirt.
  • Wipe up spills promptly to prevent stains.
  • Use furniture pads or felt protectors to prevent scratches from heavy furniture.
  • Periodically refinish or seal the flooring to maintain its quality and protect it from wear.

wooden flooring

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How much does parquet flooring cost in Dubai?
Usually, parquet flooring cost in Dubai varies depending on factors like wood type and installation. It typically ranges from $20 to $50 per square foot.
Which wood flooring is the cheapest?
Pine wood is the cheapest flooring option, averaging $5 to $8 per square foot. However, it needs to be more durable due to its softness.
What is the best wooden flooring?
The best wooden flooring depends on your preferences. Furthermore, The most popular choices are oak, maple, and cherry for durability and aesthetics.
How much is 1,000 square feet of wood flooring? 
Installing 1,000 square feet of wood flooring costs $12 to $22 per square foot on average.
Why are wood floors so expensive?
Wood floors can be expensive due to the cost of materials, installation, and the quality of the wood.
Is wood floor cheaper than carpet?
Wood floors are generally preferred over carpets for durability, easier maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.
What size of wood flooring is best?
The best wood flooring size depends on your style. Therefore, the thinnest boards are 2 14 to 3 inches wide, and the widest boards are 5 to 12 inches wide.
Can wooden flooring be done on tiles?
Yes, wood flooring can be installed over tiles. However, it may require proper preparation and installation techniques.
Why wooden flooring is suitable?
Wooden flooring is suitable because it’s durable, attractive, and easy to clean. Also, it can increase the value of your home.

Final Words

Wooden flooring in Dubai provides a timeless and elegant aesthetic to any space. It is not only an attractive option but also a resilient and long-lasting one. With various colors, textures, and styles available, it is easy to maintain. In fact, its durability, versatility, and easy maintenance make it a popular business choice.
However, whether you prefer solid wood or engineered wood, it’ll add value and beauty to your home. So, bring nature indoors with wooden flooring in Dubai and transform your space into a stunning masterpiece. As a whole, it is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home.

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